Course Brief

This unit provides an overview of the operation and installation of Wind Energy Systems. The importance of energy conservation and renewable sources of energy are emphasized throughout this course with particular attention being placed on the generation of energy from wind sources. This unit will provide learners with the knowledge to understand the operations, functions and designs of wind powered renewable energies. Learning will take place through a combination of lectures and laboratory sessions.

  • This course is covered in 24 contact hours.

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  • Implementing Wind Power Systems for Residential Use

    The use of the wind as a natural energy resource is implemented in a number of countries around the world. The technology to harness this abundant resource has made it possible to be used in a variety of ways and applications from powering remote locations to providing electrical power to homes. Wind turbines of all sizes have become a familiar sight around the world for a wide variety of reasons including their economic, environmental and social benefits.

    This course will provide the knowledge required to understand how the wind can be utilized as an alternative source of energy as well as on how to set up a wind power system.

    The aim of this course is to present the technical subject of wind power generation for residential use in a language as non-technical as possible. The course is 75% hands-on.

    Upon completion students should understand:

    • Electrical energy measurement units
    • Wind Turbine classification
    • Horizontal-axis wind turbines
    • Vertical-axis wind turbines
    • Small scale wind power

    Target Audience

    • Technicians
    • Persons wishing to enter the field of renewable energy
    • Persons wishing to learn how Wind Power systems work
    • Persons wishing to install and maintain Wind Power systems for Residential use