Course Brief

This unit provides an overview of the operation and installation of fiber optic systems. The increasing need for bandwidth requirements worldwide has driven the need for better capacity handling mediums. Fiber optics is thus far, the only medium that can provide unlimited bandwidth while protecting data transmission. This unit will provide learners with the ability to design and install fiber optic systems either in residential or commercial

  • This course is covered in 45 contact hours.

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  • Fiber Optics Installer

    Today, worldwide communication backbones are based mostly on fiber optics. Innovation and the general development in this area belongs to the most exciting ones in this century. This course is designed for engineers or technical staff who may be considering embarking on a fiber optic assignment and for those who have little or no previous experience or knowledge of the potential benefits and limitations of fiber optics in transmission systems.

    It is specially developed for project managers who need to have that in-depth knowledge of this transmission medium in order to improve communication within the technical staff, when making technical decisions.