Course Brief

Marketing Communications lies at the heart of both the relational and transactional exchange between a business and its people and customers. This course will help executives to clarify their communication strategies with a broad range of up-to-date marketing concepts.

This course is available for purchase through SBCS GLI until January 2022. Examinations are available until August 2023.

  • 45-60 Contact Hours

Topics covered
  • Introduction to marketing communications.
  • Communication theory.
  • Understanding how consumers process information.
  • Customer decision-making.
  • How marketing communications might work.
  • Marketing communications: strategies and planning.
  • Marketing communications: objectives and positioning.
  • Branding and the role of marketing communications.
  • Corporate identity, reputation and branding.
  • Financial resources for marketing communications.
  • Evaluating marketing communications.
  • Advertising and strategy.
  • Advertising messages and creative approaches.
  • Media behaviour and planning: delivering the message.
  • Sales promotion.
  • Public relations and sponsorship.
  • Direct marketing.
  • Internal marketing communications.