Course Brief

Retailing is perhaps the fastest changing industry of all.

This course considers how retailers can both react to change and to instigate it through a rapid organisational response to changing consumer demands.

This course is available for purchase through SBCS GLI until January 2022. Examinations are available until August 2023.

  • 45-60 Contact Hours
Topics covered
  • The changing retail environment.
  • Theories of retail change.
  • Retail strategy.
  • Managing the retail supply chain.
  • The development of retail marketing.
  • Retail buying in the twenty-first century.
  • Retail logistics.
  • Managing retail operations.
  • Adding value through customer service.
  • Retail selling.
  • Retail security.
  • Merchandising in retailing.
  • Managing the future.
  • The internationalisation of retailing.
  • Electronic commerce and retailing.