Course Brief


Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of knowing your audience’s expectations in preparation for presentations.
  • Recognize the various elements involved in planning and structuring a great presentation.
  • Use their voice, language, non-verbal and other communication skills to deliver excellent presentations.
  • Effectively manage a challenging audience and scenarios.
  • Develop key techniques to build rapport, engage and involve the audience.
  • Effectively manage and handle questions from the audience.
  • Overcome anxiety and tension before and during a presentation.

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Trincity 25-Apr-20 20-Jun-20 Sat 9:00am – 12:00pm $2,250.00


  • Mastering Public Speaking and Power Point Presentations

    This course will train participants to acquire, develop and improve presentation skills. Participants will review strategies to gain confidence and develop their skills to address an audience successfully. In addition, they will learn how to prepare, structure and deliver great presentations. In particular, this course will focus on how to present yourself for maximum impact, manage your state and engage your audience. The focus of this course is also on presenting information; it will help participants overcome public speaking fears and give confidence to deliver polished presentations.

    Target Audience


    This course targets the following persons: executives, managers, salespeople, trainers, facilitators, and those desirous of acquiring or improving their presentation skills.