Course Brief

Service industries are central to the global marketplace. It’s vital therefore that their marketing strategies address the increasingly sophisticated needs of the international consumer. This course will help you develop that distinctive approach, from planning to implementation.

This course is available for purchase through SBCS GLI until January 2022. Examinations are available until August 2023.

  • 45-60 Contact Hours
Topics covered
  • Distinctive aspects of services management.
  • Customer involvement in service processes.
  • Managing service encounters.
  • Customer behaviour in service settings.
  • Positioning a service in the marketplace.
  • Targeting customers, managing relationships and building loyalty.
  • Complaint handling and service recovery.
  • Creating services and adding value.
  • Designing service delivery systems.
  • Pricing services.
  • Communicating to customers.
  • Enhancing value by improving quality and productivity.
  • Balancing demand and capacity.
  • Managing customer-contact personnel.
  • Organising for service leadership.
  • Developing strategies for transnational operations.