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Academic Essay Guides


 Note Taking and Sharing

  • Evernote – Note taking, web clipping, cloud storage, syncing between devices. (iPhone and Android apps available however no Blackberry support. Blocked behind firewall, but syncs whenever a supporting connection is available.Supports pen input for tablet users)
  • Springpad – Similar functionality to Evernote but everything is online, no syncing necessary. Available on any mobile, web browsing phone.No pen input, since everything is done on a web application.
  • Dropbox – Allows secure sharing of files and folders.Public folder gives every item a unique url for sharing with cloud storage and automatic syncing. Blocked behind corporate firewall, but will sync whenever a supporting connection is available.There is a blackberry application so you can sync your files with your blackberry device.
  • SlideShare – Upload and share presentations, documents and professional videos on blogs, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Over 60 million people use SlideShare every month for research, sharing ideas, connecting with others, and generating business leads.


Surveys and Questionnaire Guides


Presentation and Concept Mapping


Authors, Speakers & Book Websites


Programming Resources

  • Project Euler (A collection of programming exercises of varying difficulties)
  • Sourceforge (A repository for open source software)
  • Python programming (Programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively)
  • Stack overflow (Programming Guidance)
  • Programming in Haskell (Haskell is one of the leading languages for teaching functional programming, enabling students to write simpler and cleaner code, and enables the student to structure and reason about programs)
  • Google Code University (Provides sample course content and tutorials for Computer Science (CS) students and educators on current computing technologies and paradigms)


Collaboration Tools

  • Microsoft Live@edu (Communication Services: Free, hosted email and calendaring with a 10 GB inbox and instant messaging through Outlook Live
    Collaboration Services: Ability to access, share and collaborate through SkyDrive, with 25 GB of free online storage space
    Productivity Services: Create, view, edit, and share Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files online with SkyDrive)


Referencing Guidelines



  • Smart Planet (IBM’s collection of articles on business, technology, innovation and energy)
  • Chilling Effects (Aims to help you understand the protections that the First Amendment and intellectual property laws give to your online activities)
  • RSA Animate (Changing Education Paradigms)
  • Open Yale Courses (Free open courses from Yale University via
  • Math Help (a leading digital publisher specializing in middle school, high school and college level math)