Commitment to Quality | EBS Heriot-Watt University (MBA/MSc) Programme Committee Meeting

Published: 7:25 PM on December 06, 2019

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SBCS’ Champs Fleurs campus served as the host venue for the Edinburgh Business School (EBS), Heriot-Watt University MBA/MSc Programme Committee meeting on Saturday, November 30, 2019.

Chaired by the management team of our Corporate Education and Training Centre, the meeting brought together representative faculty, students and administrators from each of our campuses to discuss matters connected to teaching, learning and student support on our MBA and MSc qualifications. This forum also allows the administrative team to consult with students and faculty and receive feedback on any new programme developments that EBS may be considering to commission. 

Ultimately, these meetings aim to foster a good working relationship among all stakeholders (faculty, students, administrators) and Executive Director, Robin Maraj expressed as much as he gave his opening remarks at the interaction. What followed was an informative and enlightening exchange of information and perspectives that effectively set a platform for future improvements to be built upon. 

The administrative team shared details on programme developments, inclusive of the makeup of the refreshed MBA programme. Lecturers were invited to share their thoughts and expectations of the refresh, while also weighing in on student performances at the June 2019 examination sitting. These discussions then gave way to the student feedback session. Here, class representatives from each campus and various stages of the MBA/MSc spoke about what works well or doesn’t, and how those experiences can be managed more effectively. It is such feedback that is essential to the development of the delivery of the courses, which ultimately helps to improve the student and staff experience at SBCS GLI.

Valuable insights were gained from both the commendations and developmental points shared, and efforts will be made to implement the recommendations made where feasible and practical. 

We thank all attendees for their time and participation; best of luck to all MBA/MSc students writing exams in December 2019.

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Our next intake is in January 2020; the registration period is ongoing through to January 11, 2020.

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