Programme Brief

The aim of this course is to go beyond the basic concept taught in PLC 1 and introduce more advanced topics and practical programming projects. This course is 60% hands on and is covered in 30 contact hours.

  • 2 months
  • Champs Fleurs, San Fernando

There is an administration fee of $150 to be paid when registering. The deadline to register is one week before the start date of the class after which a late administration fee of $175 will be charged. The credit price will apply if you wish to pay a down payment and installments. The down payment is 60% of the credit price plus the administration fee. The remainder is paid in installments before the end of the course.

Programme Content

  1. Apply AND, OR, NOT, XOR function blocks implemented in Zelio logic software to PLC functions.
  2. Use sequencer functions in advanced PLC programs.
  3. Describe Sequential Function Chart (SFC) elements implemented in Zelio logic software and use digital and analog inputs to implement SFC programs.
  4. Implement Sequential Function Chart (SFC) designs for various projects.


Champs Fleurs

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San Fernando

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