Programme Brief

This training course is designed to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to give effective media interviews. The eight-session course will teach participants how to prepare for interviews, and will demonstrate the unique requirements of interviews on different media (print, video, audio) and in different formats (live, recorded, press conference/Q&A, one-on-one).

By simulating interviews during the course, participants will be exposed to the dynamics of live Q & A sessions with a focus on crisis communication and negative publicity mitigation. Participants will be equipped with critical interviewing strategies, the skills to tackle difficult interviewers, and the keys to maintaining a composed, confident demeanor during responses. Clarity of articulation, proper dress code and assertive delivery of responses will be focal points of practical sessions.

  • 24 contact hours
  • Trincity

This course is best suited to marketing professionals, corporate communications personnel and persons with similar responsibilities responsible for interacting with the media and general public.

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On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the public relations objectives of an interviewee, and the journalistic objectives of the interviewer;
  • Pinpoint a PR message and integrate it into effective interview responses;
  • Interact with media to arrange interviews;
  • Research and prepare for a media interview;
  • Anticipate interview questions based on subject matter;
  • Effectively handle an interview;
  • Manage unexpected questions;
  • Prepare a statement for press conferences;
  • Select interview-appropriate attire;
  • Improve articulation and confidence of expression.
CampusStartEndDayTime Cost
Trincity25-May-1929-Jun-19Sat1:00 – 4:002,250.00