Programme Brief

Acquire a BSc. (Hons) in Computing from the University of Greenwich via the Pearson BTEC HND in CSD route


The BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computing and Systems Development (CSD) is a wide-ranging computing qualification that equips learners with relevant, foundational knowledge and skills in computing and information systems. It is suited to those desirous of pursuing careers in the IT sector, such as systems analysts, software engineers and developers, information system design and management, and IT maintenance and technical services areas, to name a few.  

This Level 5 Higher National Diploma qualification is recognised as an accepted route onto the later stages of a number of UK and foreign university qualifications.  

Successful completion of the HND in Computing and Systems allows direct entry into the University of Greenwich BSc. (Hons) in Computing & Information Systems.


  • 2 - 3 years
  • Champs Fleurs, San Fernando

To be eligible for entry to the BTEC HND Computing and Systems Development, you must satisfy one of the following requirements:

Students will also be required to attend pre-requisite courses before commencing the BTEC HND programme.

Candidates who do not meet these entry requirements will be considered on an individual basis.

New Students

All new students are required to attend three (3) compulsory pre-requisite courses in the first semester of the programme. These courses are designed to prepare individuals for the Higher National Diploma and to give an idea of what to expect within the BTEC programme. The focus will be mainly on Writing, Study Skills, Plagiarism, Equipment use and care and Advanced Computer Literacy.

The modules related to the HND will begin upon completion of the pre-requisite semester. By the end of the first semester registration with Pearson is due.

This registration fee with Pearson is valid for a 5 year period.

In order to register, you must first proceed to the Centre for Certified Professional Programmes (CCPP) Department for verification of your entry qualifications before any payments or actual registration can be done. You must provide evidence of your entry qualifications by presenting:

  • Original certificates along with 2 copies.
  • A Job Letter (mature entry route) and original CXC Certificates or any other academic qualifications.

If your entry qualifications are satisfactory you would then be issued the following forms when registering:

  • GATE Acceptance Letter
  • Student Enrollment Ticket

To complete your registration process you would then be directed to our Advisory and Admissions Centre where you will be given the following form to complete:

  • SBCS Registration Form (for registration with SBCS)


Continuing Students

Proof of previous papers attempted, which were funded by GATE, must be shown upon registration.

Email: for more details.

Learning Outcomes

BTEC qualifications give the specialist knowledge, skills and confidence in the field of Computing and Information Technology, allowing them to make an impact in the modern workplace. This programme is taught using a blended approach of practical industry relevant experiences and academics.

Duration Of Programme

This programme can be successfully completed in 2 years (6 semesters) in the Full Time mode and 3 years (8 semesters) in the Part Time mode.


Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE)

The BTEC HND in Computing and Systems Development programme is 100% GATE approved and this process has now been made available online via TTConnect. The Government subsidizes the full cost of tuition fees. Students wanting to subscribe for funding must fulfill the entry requirements of the Ministry of Tertiary Education.

*Please note in order for nationals to apply for E-GATE, you must bring your original Birth Certificate, National ID or Passport. Government assistance through the GATE programme only applies to tuition fees.

Repeat Policy: Students are not entitled to any additional GATE funding to repeat papers within BTEC Programmes. Repeaters are offered a discounted fee, either at the start or during the semester. Further information on repeaters fees can be obtained at Advisory and Admissions or Course Administration.


Programme Content

This programme is taught using a blended approach of practical industry relevant experiences and academics. Students have to successfully complete all sixteen (16) compulsory units in order to complete the BTEC HND in Computing and Systems Development programme.

Tuition Information

New students are accepted into the BTEC HND in Computing and Systems Development programme in September of every year for Full Time and in October of every year for Part Time classes. TUITION VENUE Full time and Part time modes are available at the following Campuses:

  • San Fernando
  • Champs Fleurs

*All information provided is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact Course Admin for any clarification.