Programme Brief

This course attempts to present electric motor controls in a non-technical manner. It is 75% practical and it allows students to understand the workings of contactors, relays, thermal overload protection and manual and magnetic starters.

  • 2 months
  • Champs Fleurs, San Fernando

A basic course in Electricity or Electronics or practical experience in Electrical Systems

There is an administration fee of $150 to be paid when registering. The deadline to register is one week before the start date of the class after which a late administration fee of $175 will be charged.

The credit price will apply if you wish to pay a down payment and installments. The down payment is 60% of the credit price plus the administration fee. The remainder is paid in installments before the end of the course.


Course administrators can be contacted as follows:

 Telephone 663-SBCS (7227)Email
 Reshma  Extension
 Crystal  Extension 1095
 Khadija  Extension 1094
 Cherise   Extension 1097


Aims and Objectives

The aim of this course is to present the technical subject of electric motor controls in a non-technical language. This course is 75% hands-on and upon completion, students should understand:

  • How contactors and relays work
  • How thermal overload protection works
  • How manual and magnetic starters work
  • How to design simple control circuits

Programme Content

  1. Understand the basic components which comprise electric motor control
  2. Be able to design and wire basic full voltage reversing and non-reversing combination starters
  3. Be able to select contactors and starters
  4. Understand the basic control schematics of common reduced voltage starters.