Programme Brief


The MSc. in Financial Management is targeted at finance professionals and other professionals who want to develop a career in financial management, and who require a wide-ranging understanding of financial techniques and their application - but do not require high-level mathematical understanding of finance theories.

The MSc. offers specialist study in the areas of corporate finance, investments and risk management. It will give students a relevant practical knowledge of finance that can be put into use straight away.

Careers in finance depend upon a strong understanding of the foundations of finance, investment behaviour and the dynamic nature of finance, and the MSc. will provide a strong preparation for a career in a wide variety of positions within the finance profession.

There are two tuition intakes per year for all courses:


EBS Prospectus

  • Champs Fleurs, Port of Spain, San Fernando, Trincity

A recognised first or second class honours degree, or equivalent professional qualification.

For those who don’t, entry can still be gained by passing three MSc courses and two other core courses.

Please furnish us with the following items when registering for the Heriot Watt MSc. Financial Management programme:forced_whitespace

  1. National ID OR Trinidad & Tobago Passport + Marriage Certificate (if applicable).
  2. One (1) passport size photograph.
  3. All relevant qualifications e.g. Degrees, professional certificates, transcripts or ACCA membership status documents.
  4. Copy of GATE Status sheet (online GATE Clearance application)

Note:  All documents mentioned above must be presented in their original state along with copies.


Registration Documents:

Masters PT Tuition Schedule:



  1. You may be required to use adobe to fill the form/s
  2. Your form/s can be downloaded, completed, saved and emailed to us at

Feel free to contact us via :

Phone: 663-7227 ext 1072 -1080

Enquiry form sendemail

Email: for more details.


Passes are required in five core and four elective courses.

Our MSc F.M PROPOSED ORDER SEQUENCE will assist with course selection.



Examination sessions, known as diets, are held in all exam centres for all courses in June and December each year. Minor exam sessions are held in March and August in selected locations for selected courses. A full examination timetable is available on the EBS Student Services website.

Each exam is a 3 hour written exam per course. All questions are compulsory: you do not have a choice. Exam scripts are marked by EBS Faculty and are rigorously scrutinized by external examiners from other UK universities. You are permitted a maximum of two examination attempts for each core course. There is a fee of £140 for each exam you sit.

Exam Registration Deadlines

SBCS’s Deadlines

31 January for the March Diet
20 February for the June Diet
17 July for the August Diet
20 August for the December Diet

E.B.S’s Deadlines (Online Only)

7 February for the March Diet
1 March for the June Diet
24 July for the August Diet
1 September for the December Diet



For further information on exemptions please see below link and student handbook:





We would like to advise you that the Ministry of Education (MOE) has restructured the GATE Application process. This new service is referred to as the GATE e-Service, and you are now required to apply for GATE Clearance and GATE Funding electronically.

The following are the steps necessary to access and use this service:

1. Obtain a GATE e-Service ID

2. Apply for GATE at


GATE e-Service ID

To access this service you must firstly obtain your GATE e-Service ID by providing the required documentation to one of the GATE e-Service Registration Officers stationed at TT Connect Offices throughout Trinidad and Tobago. (only Originals are to be presented):

  •  Electronic Birth Certificate (Mandatory) and
  •  National ID or Passport and
  •  Current and Active Email Address (for correspondence from MTEST)



Once you have obtained your GATE e-Service ID, you will then be required to apply for GATE Clearance by visiting the following website:forced_whitespace

In order to apply for GATE Clearance you will be required to upload scanned versions of:

  •  Birth Certificate (mandatory) and
  •  National Identification Card or Trinidad and Tobago Passport
  •  Marriage/Divorce Certificate (for married/divorced student)
  •  Deed Poll (for name change)
  •  Payment Slip (receipt showing proof of payment, for post-graduate student)
  •  Latest Result Slip / Transcript (for continuing student)
  •  Acceptance Letter from Institution (for student pursuing new programme) (Please ensure that you receive this document on registration with SBCS from your Customer Service Representative)

*Do note that Gate covers 50% of Tuition costs up to $20,000.00 for the academic year.