Programme Brief

The World of Leadership from the outside looking in may seem a place we all want to aspire to go to. We have climbed the traditional hierarchical organisational structures for years and years trying to self-actualize, to get to the top.

Alternately, we may have changed a number of jobs and grew our careers diagonally, across organisations, gaining more experience, money, challenge, acquisitions and responsibilities as we traversed different organisations.

Whether you are already a Leader or an aspiring one, whether you have already created and worked with successful teams, attained strategic and organisational deliverables, but believe in kaizen (continuous improvement), and want to hone your Leadership skills, it starts with revisiting who you are, the emotional intelligence skills you possess, and the Leadership style you currently operate out of.

It starts right here, with this course, which aims to give you the tools and techniques to influence, motivate and inspire others towards the attainment of more meaningful, tangible and intangible positive outcomes, and by extension a more agile, sustainable organisation.

An e-certificate will be issued at the end.

In this online series of six, two-hour sessions each, participants will learn how to:

  1. Master the understanding of self – know your core values, and personality. (Personality Diagnostic)
  2. Identify and employ the Emotional Intelligence components.
  1. Identify your Leadership Style and choose from a repertoire of Leadership Theory and Best Practice, to use it more effectively.
  2. Identify some of the key challenges for Leaders in our contemporary times and how to navigate them.
  3. Use your Leadership Style and Emotional Intelligence to Coach, Counsel and Mentor your Team Members and positively influence others, and the organisational culture.
  4. Develop an action Plan to lead with Emotional Intelligence


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  • 12 Contact hours
  • Champs Fleurs

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