Programme Brief

We can get to a place where it feels like everyone we speak with is either having a bad day, or that we are having a bad day ourselves. We feel like we constantly meet people who seem to be inconsiderate, stubborn, incorrigible, miserable, lacking manners and courtesy, or passive-aggressive. Sometimes we may seem be equally irascible ourselves.

While it might seem that the easiest remedy is to lock yourself up at home and avoid people entirely, we eventually have to step outside and have an interaction with somebody - go to work, make a call, send an email, message or voice note.

In this online series of six, two-hour sessions each, participants will learn how to turn difficult situations into opportunities for growth.

An e-certificate will be issued at the end.

By the end of these sessions you will be able to:

    1. Understand yourself better - your core values, personality, (including triggers and pet peeves) and how they may differ from others’ with whom you interact.  (Personality Diagnostic)
    1. Recognize how your attitudes and behaviours impact others.
    2. Use techniques for managing and dealing with anger and honing your Emotional Intelligence.
    3. Employ Conflict Management Styles to deal with difficult Team Members
    1. Develop an action Plan for coping with Conflict and Difficult Team Members.


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  • 12 Contact hours
  • Champs Fleurs

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