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Quality Assurance

SBCS Quality Assurance

Theory of Value

As an organisation, SBCS’ implicit corporate theory could be summed up as follows:

“Education is an infinitely transformative process. It is a catalyst for social and economic growth. For this to happen the educational experience must be immersive and relevant. Learning must be inclusive and participative. If provided with a complete learning environment students can transform society and their lives.”

Quality Policy

  • SBCS is committed to supporting and facilitating lifelong learners. This commitment is an integral part of our mission to deliver industry-relevant tertiary education and training using learner-centric approaches with staff, facilities and courseware of the highest quality.
  • We are guided by an adaptive QMS that adheres both to local statutes and regulations as well as international collaborative agreements.
  • Our Quality Objectives are derived from our Strategic Plan, established every four years by the Strategic Planning Committee. The execution of these objectives is reviewed every six months through a formal review process conducted by Quality Assurance.
  • This policy, like our mission, vision and theory of value, underpins all of SBCS’ initiatives and is reviewed annually to ensure continuing relevance as society and the institution evolves.