Introducing: Public Health Management at SBCS GLI!

Published: 6:00 AM on July 01, 2020

In any undertaking, the key to proper implementation is effective management. In health, this is critical as any wrong decision taken or poorly executed can result in injury or even death. Only an effective and efficient management practice can translate theory, research and scientific innovation into practical solutions for healthcare. The public health challenges being faced by countries now call for the continued development of qualified professionals who can execute and monitor national health policies and programmes, supervise the public health workforce, investigate and assess the dimensions of public health issues and devise appropriate strategies to meet emerging challenges. 

It is against this backdrop that SBCS Global Learning Institute is pleased to introduce the Diploma in Public Health Management in partnership with ABMA Education – an awarding body that offers both regulated and professional qualifications.

A Level 4 qualification, this programme seeks to equip learners with the latest thinking on Public Health Management; a subject area that is challenging, extremely rewarding and most relevant to the issues facing the world at this time. It can be taken as a standalone qualification, or as part of your progression through our Public Health pathway that includes our BSc (Hons) Occupational, Safety, Health & Environment (Top-up), MSc Safety, Health & Environment / Occupational Hygiene and our Master of Business Administration.

Why study Public Health Management with SBCS GLI?

  • Accessible: anyone with an interest in Public Health can commence this programme, which is highly relevant to today’s environment. This programme is fully online with live sessions which are recorded and available for review. Learners will also enjoy free access to the ABMA online library.
  • All-rounded: Via our Public Health stream, SBCS GLI offers students the splendid opportunity to combine both the fields of Public Health Management and Occupational Safety & Health to build a career that will last a lifetime.
  • Appropriate: Starting with the Diploma in Public Health Management, the programmes in our Public Health stream will help you develop, implement, manage and evaluate effective public health, and health and safety initiatives. You also will be able to create and analyse programs in the context of the organisations and communities they serve, taking into account cultural, social, economic, ethical and legal factors.

Interested? Registration is currently OPEN for our 2020 intake, which is set to commence July 27. For additional details contact our Centre for Information Technology & Engineering at