Pernel Roberts

SBCS Alumnus: Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (University of Greenwich)

Notable Affiliations: University of Phoenix (MSc); Project Management Institute (PMP)

Mr. Roberts has over 20 years’ lecturing experience and has been working in the field of Project Management for over 10 years. Starting in 1993, he began working as a Coordinator and lecturer of various IT courses and continues to facilitate these programmes to date at both the corporate and classroom training levels.

Mr. Roberts is currently the Head of the Access Plant Construction Department at TSTT where he oversees a number of projects in relation to the restoration of fixed, broadband and entertainment services, the modernization of the access plant infrastructure and the maintenance of the access plant infrastructure to maximize conductor reliability and availability. He is also a Captain in the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Reserves, where he is responsible for all Telecommunications and IT projects at this unit and renders support and advice for projects at the Defence Force Headquarters.