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SBCS offers opportunities for formal education in the form of academic and professional qualifications from some of the world’s leading universities and awarding bodies. Yet these are just part of our commitment to transforming our students into innovative, ethical and creative lifelong learners. Over our history, we have also provided opportunities for our learners to upskill and certify themselves through our portfolio of short business, IT, media and engineering courses; more than 40,000 individuals have since been trained in one or more of our courses!


Why do short courses?
  • Enhance your career – expand your skillset, or fill gaps in knowledge that can give you the advantage when it comes to job promotions
  • Taste-test a new career path – gain perspective insight before making a decision
  • Pursue a hobby – who knows this may eventually become a new career.
  • Certification – short courses can provide you with practical experience as well as International  IT certification from bodies like CompTIA, Microsoft, CIW, Cisco and Autodesk
Why do short courses at SBCS?
  • Over 100 continuing professional development courses are offered in areas such as Project Management, Accounting & Finance, Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, Health & Safety, Procurement & Supply, Marketing, HR Management, Information Technology, Art & Graphic Design, Website Development, Renewable Energy, Fibre Optics, Media & Communications and much more.
  • Practical training in well-equipped labs where applicable
  • Qualified facilitators with industry experience
  • Offered at 3 campuses, part-time and full-time, evenings and weekends
  • Courses supported by an online learning environment
  • Attend scheduled classes or allow us to customize training (for companies) to meet your exact requirements


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