Welcome from the Executive Director

Executive Director, Dr. Robin Maraj

I would like to extend a very warm welcome, and I am delighted that you are considering SBCS Global Learning Institute as your pathway to personal and professional development. Our commitment is to provide you with a high-quality, student-centred educational experience, underpinned by theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will ensure you are ready for the world of work.

Over our 30+ year journey, we have evolved into a multi-campus institute, teaching a variety of qualifications at different levels, and catering to full-time and part-time learners. We have graduated award-winning students who have gone on to inspiring and successful careers. Each of our students has a distinctive tale, one that we were lucky to play a part in for a short but critical time. For us, every learner matters and we are thrilled to welcome you to join us in writing the next chapter in your unique story.

People come to us at different stages in life. Maybe you are trying to make yourself more employable, start a business on your own, change careers by acquiring a new skill or simply learn something new for the sheer fun of it. Some of you may have just left school, while others are re-joining after a pause. Whatever your pursuit, you’ll come to discover that the SBCS learning experience is the exciting learning opportunity you have always been looking for.

We build our teaching and learning experiences around you by selecting programmes that have a global outlook, enabling you to compete for the best jobs or create a competitive business, anywhere. Our partnerships are with world-renowned universities that are steeped in rich academic tradition but are always forward-looking and cutting-edge with their programmes. We partner with professional associations that often help define their respective fields. We believe in practical, useful education. You will find in our classrooms, educators with practical experience in industry. All of this in an environment that understands your need for flexibility.

Our learning environment is designed to cater to the unique needs of our students. You have access to all of our campuses, our teaching schedules are flexible and we infuse technology in all aspects of teaching and learning with the sole purpose of making the experience as rich and rewarding for you as possible. We believe that the greatest natural resource of any country is its people, and given the right environment and support, our people can thrive and build communities we can all be proud of.

I welcome you again to our community and look forward to your unfolding story.

Robin R. Maraj
Founder & Executive Director