ACCA Programme Committee Meeting

Published: 12:00 AM on July 01, 2013

SBCS’ Accountancy Training and Education Centre (ATEC) hosted its ACCA Programme Committee Meeting on Saturday, June 15, 2013 at the Champs Fleurs Campus. The meeting was attended by the Executive Director, Dr. Robin Maraj, the Assistant Manager of ATEC, Ms. Malini Bridglalsingh, representatives from Quality Assurance and Central Academic Administration, lecturers and students.


While the meeting was focused on discussing examination pass rates, the meeting also provided a forum for lecturers, administrators and students to express their views on the delivery of the programme and to suggest ideas for improvement.


Students openly commended the ATEC Department, lecturers and SBCS for the level of service and support they have received.


We thank our lecturers and students for their invaluable contributions made at the meeting, which will be acted upon to ensure that the delivery of the ACCA programme continues to improve.



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ACCA Programme Committee Meeting

Published: 12:00 AM on July 09, 2012

On Saturday, June 23, 2012, the Accountancy Training and Education Centre (ATEC) held its ACCA Programme Committee meeting at our Champs Fleurs campus for the period July 2011 to June 2012. In attendance were ACCA lecturers, ACCA students, and administrative staff from the Champs Fleurs and San Fernando campuses.


At the meeting, lecturers shared their views on students’ performance, the delivery of tuition during the semester and identified ways for improving these.


The students commented on the quality of tuition they received, noting that they were very pleased with the level of dedication and commitment of their SBCS lecturers. They also commended ATEC for the high level of administrative support they provided during the semester.


Special congratulations went to two of our lecturers Mr. Darryl White and Mr. Imran Hosein for their diligence in contributing to the success of one of our students, Ms. Fareeda Mohamed, who topped Trinidad and Tobago for ACCA papers P1 and P3 in the December 2011 examination sitting.


We thanked the lecturers and students for attending the meeting and for making invaluable contributions, all geared towards improving the delivery of the programme to meet the needs of our students.


Several ACCA lecturers’ meetings will be held over the next six (6) months to focus on different areas of the syllabus, to ensure that we maintain a high level of tuition delivery to our students.



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