Amos Poorai
BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Technology) [First Class] (Greenw)

I have worked in the Trinidad and Tobago downstream natural gas industry for 18 years as an EEET technician. Having reached the level of Technical Specialist at my company, I wanted to pursue a Degree in Electrical Engineering. Because of time constraints and work schedule, this goal for many years seemed impossible. A work colleague told me about the Electrical BEng (Hons) degree, directed by the University of Greenwich, being offered by SBCS. The program was exactly what I had been looking for, to complement and advance my career. On inquiry, the staff of SBCS were quite helpful and accommodating, so in September 2015 I began the program.

The program initially proved to be quite challenging and time-consuming, however, the tailored structure and SBCS’ method of course administration made it possible to keep on track with the strenuous requirements of this demanding Degree without compromising the program’s high international standards. I entered the program extremely sceptical about the ability of a local institute to administer such a high-level degree. I must admit that I now feel extremely fortunate to have taken the opportunity to pursue an Engineering Graduate program of such high quality tailored for hardcore industrial employees and their demanding schedules.

I thought the program, the diligent staff of SBCS, along with the availability of its world-class facilities, made it possible for me to successfully complete my degree. In September 2017, two years after beginning this journey, I am happy to say that I will be graduating with First Class Honors in the Electrical BEng (Hons) at the age of 42. I would strongly recommend this program to any working professional desirous of pursuing a degree in this field.

Today I am a qualified engineer with internationally recognized accreditation.