Kiran Deosingh
BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Systems [First Class] (Greenw)

Growing up, I was always interested in Information Technology and learning more about how computers work. I was unaware, however, of what opportunities were out there to help me expand my knowledge and make a successful career out of my interest. After comparing many options for tertiary level education, I decided that the BSc. In Computing and Information Systems from the University of Greenwich would be the right pick for me. To my surprise, I ended up gaining a much wider array of knowledge when it comes to computing, information systems, and many business practices that I was not expecting to learn from a regular computing course. This degree, which was done after the completion of the BTEC Diploma in Computing and Systems Development, not only provides you with the experience you need to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s society but also prepares you for real-world scenarios when it comes to acquiring a job afterwards.
After completion of my BSc, and the acquisition of my First Class Honours Certificate from the University of Greenwich, I decided to pursue my goals of software development by publishing and entering my “Final-Year Project” application into the Caribbean Innovative Competition. After gaining so much experience with the development of projects and applications, this paid off when my team and I was selected for the finals of the CIC competition 2017 and will be sponsored a trip to Mexico! This is the most exciting thing to happen, and it was all thanks to the training I got from SBCS, together with its irreplaceable lecturers, and the beautifully executed University of Greenwich Bachelor’s Degree. I now look forward to furthering my career in this field.