Randall Beckles

Job Position: Accounting Operations Specialist

I was a student at SBCS from January 2013 to June 2016, during which period I attended classes for all ACCA papers from F1 to P7. During my stay at SBCS, I would have considered SBCS to be my second home primarily because of the progressive personalities and inspiring attitudes of both the administrative staff and the lecturers. The lecturers took the approach of being mentors, meaning they did not simply pour information onto us but allowed us to critically evaluate complex areas of the coursework through participative open discussions. This created a very enjoyable learning environment due to the fact that we felt as a team with the ultimate and common goal of being successful at ACCA.

Subsequent to the completion of papers F1 to F9, I was able to land my dream job as an Auditor at Ernst and Young (EY). Working as an auditor at this Big Four Firm gave me the necessary proficiency to tackle the professional level of ACCA since it allowed me to fully appreciate how the real world works in the context of accounting and auditing. My experience at EY made the professional level of ACCA very gratifying as I was living on a day to day basis, the content of the coursework.

I would recommend SBCS to any student considering becoming an ACCA member. SBCS is committed to ensuring their students have the requisite technical knowledge along with the professional soft skills to initiate a sustainable and successful career.