Varsha Teelucksingh
BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Systems [First Class] (Greenw)

After completing secondary school, I knew I.T. was the field I wanted to further myself in. I wanted a degree that got me excited to learn more and motivated me to push myself harder. After looking at different IT degrees from various institutions, I was beginning to lose hope, because there was no degree out there that was standing out to me.
Until I finally found SBCS and their University of Greenwich and BTEC programmes. It was different from the other degrees I looked at, having a diverse mix of different courses, ranging from programming to website development and design and database engineering. Topics I did not yet cover in my academic life, but definitely wanted to know more about.
Entering into the programme, I didn’t know what to expect, but nothing prepared me for the actual experience. I gained a thorough understanding of so many different aspects and topics in I.T and learnt a lot from my lecturer and their experiences they shared with me. I was able to find my likes (I enjoyed web design, interaction design and database engineering) and dislikes (anything hardware-related) in my field, and learnt how to overcome challenges in studying these topics.
It was definitely challenging, a lot of hard work and late nights. However, it was definitely worth it as I completed the programmed with First Class Honours and a new outlook on the world of IT. Yet my experience with SBCS did not end there. Thanks to the advice from my lecturers, I worked with fellow classmate Kiran Deosingh to form a team and enter into the T.I.C America’s Caribbean Innovation Challenge Competition. We submitted a refined version Kiran’s final year project, which resulted in us being accepted as finalists and heading to Cancun, Mexico to compete.
These experiences and opportunities were not expected and only made possible due to SBCS and their lecturers, who continue to support their students even after graduating. Now that I reflect back on my time at SBCS, I knew I made the right choice.