Graduation Celebration

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

What an incredible year it’s been! The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the teaching and learning experience in ways none of us expected. But you persevered through the changes—online education, physical distancing, and for some, illness and loss—with patience, creativity and resilience.

Now, it’s time to celebrate you and your accomplishments.

This year, we will not host a formal gathering. Instead, our celebration will be scaled back to incorporate the portrait photography and virtual video messages from SBCS, valedictorians and our academic partner universities.

UPDATE: Reservations of the Photography Sessions on November 26 and 27 are currently closed.



Photographs for the virtual Graduation Ceremonies shall be conducted BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at our Champs Fleurs campus. 

The Photography packages available are as follows:

In addition to the Photography Packages, the cost of the gown rental is TT$250.00

Our payment methods can be found here: SBCS Payment Methods.  Note that we also accept credit card payments through WiPay. If this is your preferred payment method, an invoice will be sent to you. 


The following protocols will be in place to ensure your safety as we adhere to the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 protocols and guidelines:

  1. All graduands must complete the order form to schedule their appointment and pre-register for their photography package(s).
  2. Temperature checks will be required upon arrival at the campus.
  3. Sanitization stations will be on hand for mandatory use upon arrival at the campus, and entry into the Photography rooms.
  4. The chosen rooms for photography will accommodate distancing of six feet with appropriate signage/directions.
  5. The wearing of masks is mandatory for SBCS GLI staff, the Photography Team, and all attendees while on campus. 
  6. You must observe relevant signage and comply with instructions given.
  7. Strict adherence to the appointment system to manage venue flow and capacity. You should arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
    SBCS Staff, appropriately masked, will be on-hand to assist with robing before your photograph is taken.
  8. Regular cleaning of hard surfaces throughout the daily sessions will be conducted.
  9. Gowns will be quarantined and laundered before they are issued. Each graduand will receive a separate gown; no academic regalia will be re-circulated throughout the process. You will not be allowed to leave the Photography Venue with the academic regalia.
  10. You are required to leave the venue premises IMMEDIATELY upon completion of the photo portrait exercise.
  11. Attendees will NOT be allowed to congregate outside of the Venue.
  12. Attendees will only be allowed on the Campus for the duration of the photo session. After this, they will be required to vacate the premises.




Academic Dress

You will be required to don academic dress for the Photography session. Below is a video tutorial on wearing your gown.



Pre-Registration Form


For graduands wishing to attend, please complete this form:

Graduand Details:


: Height: Chest: inches Waist: inches Hip: inches



Additional: (if surplus tickets; cost & meal not tallied)

Chicken & Lamb


(optionally provided
 at an additional cost)


Should you have any questions or require additional information, kindly contact our Admissions and Advisory Team at 663-7227 or