BPP’s Train the Trainer Programme at SBCS

Published: 12:00 AM on August 24, 2015

As part of our mission to continuously deliver excellence in our classrooms using a learner centric approach, SBCS partnered with BPP Professional Education (UK) to offer a continuing professional development programme to our lecturers. In this regard, expert tutors from BPP, Ms. Davinia McGann and Mr. Justin Thomas, delivered their Train the Trainer programme to all our ACCA and FIA lecturers during the period July 10 – 12, 2015 at our Champs Fleurs Campus.


During the programme, BPP tutors shared their techniques and model of teaching the ACCA programmes using BPP’s new resources, which included their Tutors’ Toolkit. Though delivered in a group setting, the programme was tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our ACCA and FIA lecturers.


The training was intense and at times challenging for our lecturers, though they did gain added exposure to different methods of delivery in the classroom using the new resources provided by BPP. In the end, our lecturers were very pleased and expressed their gratitude for being part of the experience.


BPP tutors themselves were satisfied with the training, owing to their requirements to facilitate the training being met, and the rich interaction had with the lecturers who took part.


We thank the BPP tutors for coming to SBCS, and sharing their knowledge and wealth of experience with our lecturers.


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