Fostering Learning at SBCS – Continuing Professional Development Workshops

Published: 12:35 PM on April 20, 2016

SBCS in partnership with the University of Greenwich (UoG) Educational Development Unit (EDU) hosted a series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops at the Champs Fleurs campus. These CPD sessions were facilitated by UoG Deputy Head of the EDU, Dr. Sally Alsford and Senior Lecturer Mr. Martin Compton during the period April 13 – 16, 2016. The workshops formed part of their annual Study Visit for the UoG Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Learning (PGCHE) 2016 cohort for SBCS lecturers.

The first workshop titled “Assessment and Feedback” was facilitated by both Dr. Alsford and Mr. Compton. It sought to highlight the shared issues faced in both UK and Trinidadian contexts in student assessment and feedback. Additionally, best practices, innovation and implementation considerations were also discussed.

The much anticipated “Tech for Teaching and Learning” workshop saw many secondary school teachers, guidance officers, SBCS lecturers and staff, and other education industry professionals come together to consider the use of modern tech in the traditional classroom in attendance. Facilitated by Mr. Compton, the attendees were fascinated by the range of online tools available for Educators. He took them through the principles and approaches of using technology to engage and ‘flip’ the classroom. The highlight of his presentation was the segment ‘30 apps in 30 minutes’ which astound and amazed the attendees.

The visiting team took a break from facilitating CPD sessions to meet with the PGCHE 2016 cohort. At this interaction, the students shared of their challenges and triumphs on the programme thus far. Dr. Alsford and Mr. Compton, in turn, recommended the commended the students on the quality of work and engagement displayed, and also provided guidance on the final assignment submission.

The visit concluded with a Student Engagement workshop where the participants were able to identify potential obstacles to student engagement and strategies to promote engagement, in the context of how engagement is being defined and addressed in the Education sector. It was a highly participatory and active session that referred to both local experience and wider pedagogic research and practice within Education.

Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Alsford, Mr. Compton and all those who attended these workshops-Learn, Practice, Influence!

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