Celebrating Media Success – SBCS CMS Graduate Selected for 2016 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival.

Published: 2:15 PM on September 19, 2016


The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (TTFF) has selected the entry of SBCS’ past student, Jason Marcano for screening in this year’s event.  Jason’s entry, “Attraction” is a docudrama that explores some of the foundational elements in the building of a romantic relationship.


The Attraction – directed by Jason Marcano

Jason’s interest in film truly developed when he began studying Media and Communications at SBCS’ Centre for Media Studies. Though always involved in creative projects prior to the programme, he gained crucial skills and knowledge necessary to bring his creative ideas to life. Shortly after graduating from SBCS, Jason started his own company entitled 6 Star Media Production where he does films, event videography, photography and graphic design.

Jason went on to win a grant from SBCS in 2013 to produce the Short Film entitled The Silver Dollar, alongside compatriot Apphia Attzs and teamed up with fellow Alumni Steve Hernandez to direct the project. The film was nominated for best Short Film of Film Festival 2013. He was selected again for the grant in 2014, which funded his most recent venture, Attraction which was accepted into the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2016.

Other notable achievements for Jason include being a finalist in NIHERST’s Agriculture based Film Competition in 2014, with Ayesha Jordan on a project entitled Regeneration and winning TTSEC’s 2016 Creative Expressions Competition with A Letter to My Son. Jason seeks to further utilize his talents and knowledge acquired through the Media and Communication program to create unique stories with deep meaning to have a greater impact on society.

Jason’s inspiration on The Attraction:

“… The film was really a product of multiple conversations with people trying to figure out relationships. People always ask me for relationship advice, and I can’t always help them but I would really like to. So this project is really an attempt to break down a relationship to its elements to help people understand the reasons that people react in certain ways in relationships. I thought the best way to tackle this would be to assess each stage of a relationship so I started with the first stage which was attraction. Attraction has so many layers because I see a lot of people thinking it’s due to looks solely. So sometimes you see a person who is with someone you feel is “out of their league”. Many people will say that someone’s personality can impact their feelings to the point where they don’t care about looks. I just wanted to dig deeper to find out what are the real reasons for attraction and if these tropes are true. I added a storyline to it to maintain interest throughout and also so that persons can see how these situations may occur in the real world. Overall I would like to see persons who want to know more about relationships come out feeling like they understand the topic better so they can make better choices with their own personal relationships.”

View the trailer:

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