Champs Fleurs Students Enjoy “A Taste of Christmas 2013”

Published: 12:00 AM on December 16, 2013

Students of the SBCS Champs Fleurs campus were treated on Wednesday, November 27 to “A Taste of Christmas 2013”, a Christmas programme, filled with performances from students and invited guests. Executive Director, Dr. Robin R. Maraj, opened the programme as he informed the youthful audience of the long time adage “It takes a village”, which was evident in the combined efforts of the Student Services Department and the Student Council, in executing this event. Dr. Maraj also briefed the audience on the progress of the construction works being done, which would provide the student body with the much anticipated “Recreation Room” and additional study facilities in 2014.

The entertainment included traditional Christmas songs, a modern dance, a Spoken Word segment coordinated by the Champs Fleurs Drama Club, parang by Armonias Divinas, a Parang group from Tunapuna and Corazones de Amor, a young group of paranderos from El Dorado West Secondary School. Prizes were also presented to the winners of the Student Council Christmas Raffle and the “Guess how many sweets” challenge. The DJ, Justin Parillon, also quizzed the audience on their knowledge of “Christmas Oldies” and prizes were awarded to students who were able to answer correctly.

Food was not omitted in this mix, as the Student council Members sold Christmas delicacy plates, which included: tasty pastelles, sweetbread, cake and turkey croissants. As in traditional Christmas style, there seemed no end to the eats as students and staff were additionally treated to chocolates and other sweets. Moreover, the décor and stage management was provided courtesy the Student Council and its decorating committee. Congratulations go out to the team for a job well done.

SBCS produced an event which was truly a taste of ‘Trini Christmas’. On behalf of the Student Services Department, we wish all a Merry Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous 2014.

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