Congratulations, SEA Students!

Published: 9:57 AM on July 04, 2018

The SBCS community extends best wishes and congratulations to all pupils receiving their results today, for the 2018 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) Examination. We also acknowledge the dedication and sacrifice put forth by parents, guardians and teachers who mentored students along the way.

“To the graduates, as you embark upon this new chapter of life, we implore you to continue to strive for excellence; let the world know that the students of our twin island republic are a competitive force with limitless skills and fortitude. We look forward to partnering with you as you progress in your educational journey and transition into your respective secondary schools,” said Executive Director, Dr Robin Maraj. “For those that didn’t achieve your ideal results, know that this is not the end, but a stepping stone along your quest. Take some time to reflect and recover, then re-engage your pursuit, wherever it will lead you.”

SBCS hopes that regardless of performance, the SEA experience motivates you to further explore avenues in the education arena towards the fulfilment of your goals.

All the best!

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