Edexcel (UK) Training seminar for SBCS’ lecturers and administrators ( May 12th-13th)

Published: 12:00 AM on May 16, 2011

Mr Paul Mount from Edexcel (UK) facilitated a 2 day ( Feb 12th-13th) Training Seminar at our Trincity Campus for SBCS’ Lecturers and Administrators.  The training was on “ An Introduction to BTEC for International Centres”.  Topics covered included –
·         Background on BTEC
·         Variety of teaching and learning possibilities
·         Planning and Constructing Assignments
·         Grading and Assessment Decisions
·         Information on the roles of the Internal Verifier and External Verifier
In attendance were Lecturers and Administrators from the following BTEC programmes which are presently offered at SBCS –
·         Business Management
·         Media
·         Building Services Engineering
·         Graphic Design
·         Computing Computing(General);
·         Computing and Systems Development
Dr Robin Maraj, Executive Director of SBCS, was present on the second morning to welcome, Mr. Paul Mount( Edexcel facilitator),  lecturers and administrators to the training. He thanked them for attending and spoke of SBCS’ plan for Edexcel courses over the next few years.  He received very positive feedback on the training that was completed thus far.

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