Health & Wellness Week

Published: 12:00 AM on February 04, 2013

January 28 – February 3, 2013 – Our Grand Finale

SBCS’ 1st Health & Wellness Week came to a spectacular finale on Sunday, 3rd February at the Central Athletic Club in Montrose Chaguanas!  But before we get to that, here’s a reminder of what else happened as the week was winding down.


Mr. Basdeo of the Raja Yoga Centre guided us through a meditation and relaxation exercise, which left the participants feeling refreshed on Thursday afternoon.  However, the pace of activities changed dramatically on Friday, when we hosted our Carnival Karaoke Competition (See article “Carnival 2013 at SBCS, Champs Fleurs”).


On Sunday we were able to test the endurance of our students with aerobics and rock-wall climbing.  Our aerobics instructor, Carlyle, took us through an hour of aerobics and floor-work (read: Abs! Abs! Abs!).  The photos tell the tale of calories burned!  Our Trincity and San Fernando campuses were well represented during the aerobics burn, but it was the Champs Fleurs students who were judged to have had the best endurance.   Our Aerobics Challenge Winners are (it’s a tie!):

•    Arnold Andrews – ABE Level Four Diploma
•    Keanu Crosby – BSc. Business Administration (Royal Holloway)


Students and Staff also rose to the challenge of the rock-wall.  The SBCS crew put serious effort into scaling that tricky apparatus, so “Congratulations” to all those reaching the top of the wall – Beginners, Intermediate and Expert contenders!   Those of you, who have yet to conquer the wall, don’t miss the chance the next time SBCS throws out the challenge.


Thanks go out from the Student Services Department to all our participants, students and staff, for making Health and Wellness Week a memorable and entertaining experience.

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