Health and Wellness Week 2014

Published: 12:00 AM on February 13, 2014

Student Services’ second annual Health and Wellness Week kicked off on Monday, January 27th and Tuesday, January 28th at the Champs Fleurs and San Fernando campuses respectively. Throughout the course of the week, students were treated to various types of testing including vision, diabetes and cholesterol. In Champs Fleurs, both students and staff, despite some apprehension, bit the bullet and donated blood to the Friends of the Blood Bank organisation. Lipton Tea also drew in quite a crowd as many students and staff sampled their extensive line of green and herbal teas.


Students were not just spectators in the Health and Wellness activities, on Wednesday and Friday, they came out to dance and exercise. Mr. Nicholas Gordon led an, intense Zumba session with students in Champs Fleurs, while Ms. Arlene Wilkes merged soca and exercise with her Carumba session in San Fernando. Leandre Holder (ABE) and Samuel Elvin (EEET) were awarded the title of “Most Energetic” for the Carumba session. Priyanka Ramgoolam (University of London) and Keisha Waithe (University of Greenwich) won the title of Zumba champs.


The Champs Fleurs Student Council also invited the team from Purple Dragon International Karate School who provided a very exhilarating karate and weapon demonstration. Herbal Life representatives also provided free consultations.


In San Fernando, students worked their back hand in an intense table tennis tournament, with Fyzal Hasim (University of London) emerging as victor.


Special thanks to all of our guests who assisted in making Health and Wellness Week a success including the Friends of the Blood Bank, Optometrists Today, Courts Optical, the Ministry of Health, Bryden Pi, Herbal Life, Purple Dragon International Karate School, Unilever (Lipton Tea), Mr. Nicholas Gordon (Zumba), Ms. Arlene Wilkes (Carumba) and Mr. Kionne Phillip of the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services.


As Health and Wellness Week winds down, preparation for the 3rd annual Carnival Karaoke Competition is already in full swing. Student Services has a few surprises in store…stay tuned!



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