Introducing: Personal (Self) Development Courses at SBCS

Published: 1:35 AM on December 08, 2017

You don’t always need a degree to learn something new.

Through our suite of one-day skill enhancement courses, we offer you the opportunity to explore and expand your self-development. Whether it’s to augment your existing qualifications, learn a new skill, or channel your creativity, these practical workshops are useful, usable and fun learning opportunities that we encourage you to engage with.

Choose from our diverse array of practical workshops, delivered by our mix of invited entrepreneurs, and SBCS’ cadre of experienced lecturers. The courses are offered primarily through our Trincity and San Fernando campuses, but will soon be expanded to include schedules at our Champs Fleurs location.

Why upskill with SBCS?

  • Flexible, useful and usable programmes to suit you, at locations convenient to you;
  • The benefits of SBCS’ excellence in teaching and learning as a premier training and education institute for over 30 years;
  • Quality academic and administrative support for all learners;
  • Carefully crafted courses for budding and seasoned entrepreneurs, to discover or develop their craft to enhance their careers;
  • A dynamic and supportive environment that promotes personal and professional development.

So, what do you want to learn?

Click here to see our current offerings, and here to see what you can expect from the workshops.

See you soon.

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