Learn Online with SBCS GLI!

Published: 9:31 AM on April 28, 2019


Online learning at SBCS Global Learning Institute offers a modern way of combining innovative learning and teaching techniques with interaction with your facilitator and fellow students from around the world.

No matter which course you pursue, you’re connecting into our extensive history in distance education provision, deep commitment to quality teaching and learning, modern facilities and trusted reputation that have made us the vanguard institution for pioneering Edinburgh Business School – Heriot-Watt University’s postgraduate online tutor offerings!

When it comes to e-learning professional development, our Corporate Education and Training Centre offers a growing list of online courses across a wide range of subjects. These sessions offer learners the flexibility of studying from anywhere over the Internet. When you learn online with SBCS, you connect to world-class faculty, supportive staff, and professional development courses that provide specialized, sought-after skills in some of today’s most competitive industries.

For more information on available courses, how to apply, and resources, contact the Team at