Mental Health and Well-being | HSE Seminar Presenter Profile: Dr David Thomas

Published: 3:26 PM on January 22, 2019

Dr David Thomas is currently the Academic Portfolio Lead for Health and Safety programmes at the University of Greenwich (UK), and was the last Head of the Department of Built Environment. He joined the University in 2016 with specific interests in the Waste Industry, Quarries, Public Sector Infrastructure, and ill health caused by work and business continuity.

David graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Mining Engineering at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1983. After graduating, he had a variety of posts at Imerys Minerals including statutory appointments under the Mines and Quarries Act, and later the quarries regulations. After obtaining his MSc in Safety Management from Bournemouth University, he worked for a number of local authorities.

He has also been involved in the establishment of the Local Authority Waste Management Occupational Health and Safety, (LAWS) Forum from 2004 to 2016, comprising Waste Managers and H&S Practitioners from each of the English Regions and with ties to authorities throughout the UK.

He has contributed to Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) guidance being actively involved in Culture and Competence – having developed and delivered training in Supervision and Monitoring to local authorities – and is working closely with the HSL team looking at occupational ill health metrics.

He has been involved in the preparation of two highly commended Waste Industry DVDs – “Waste Collection Safety”, and “Monitoring and Supervision”.

In 2010 David embarked on a period of study with Glasgow Caledonian University, looking at issues around musculoskeletal and back problems associated with domestic waste collection, specifically within local authority contact, completing his PhD in 2015.

HSE Seminar: Mental Health and Well-being

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