Message from the Executive Director | 2019 – A New Dawn

Published: 2:52 PM on January 02, 2019


Dear Students,

We have had an eventful year. It has been a time of change; one filled with achievements, challenges but also opportunities.

With the financial downturn, everyone has had to adapt to change. And as frightening as change can be, this is part of the natural rhythms of life. It often forces us to examine our values and to recommit ourselves to them.

In times of crisis, it’s natural to retreat and seek self-preservation. But evolution rewards those that learn and adapt. Those that retreat into their comfort zone never grow or improve. This applies equally to learning as it does to teaching and administration. We see 2019 as an opportunity for everyone at SBCS to learn, grow and improve.

Unfortunately, there is no single dramatic step or initiative we can take that will result in a return to the previous status quo or better.   There is no silver bullet solution; we just need to keep doing the hundreds of small things right on a daily basis, be it at work or home, and have faith.

In the coming year, you can expect more employment and industry-focused courses, online lectures, and more activity on Moodle and social media. Past students as well can expect some exciting developments from our alumni association.

We continue to be inspired by your passion and commitment and are immensely grateful to you for trusting us to partner in your growth and improvement.

Christmas is a time for family. It is a time to pause, to celebrate and to be grateful. As you leave the SBCS family to spend time with your own, we wish you a safe, abundant and joyful holiday season.

We look forward to welcoming you back refreshed and renewed in 2019.

From all of us at SBCS, Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Robin R. Maraj
Executive Director