SBCS Centre for Media Studies Film Competition and Sponsorship

Published: 12:00 AM on July 08, 2014

As part of our commitment to engage our media students to actively participate in practical elements of their field of study, SBCS’ Centre for Media Studies (CMS) will be hosting a Film Competition and Sponsorship of one (1) production by a student for the upcoming TnT Film Festival which will take place between September and October 2015.

SBCS will sponsor one winning student the sum of $10,000.00 to produce a film to be entered into the TnT Film Festival in either of the following categories:

1. Best narrative film
2. Best documentary film

Rules of the competition

1. This contest is open to students who have completed or are currently enrolled in any of our undergraduate media programmes (BTEC’s Higher National Diplomas in Media and Creative Media Production / UOG’s Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications).


2. Students are expected to conduct research to determine if their intended submissions are similar to existing films, particularly those previously submitted to the Film Festival.


3. Students will be required to present themselves before a panel of judges at a date and time to be decided (tentatively set for August 2014) when they will:
a. Pitch their creative vision for their production
b. Present a clip of one scene in the film
c. Provide a Film Proposal which outlines details on the script and the production process.


4. On this day, students must also email their proposals to


5. The panel will choose among the submissions based on:
a. Creative Vision
b. Ability to be executed in the stipulated time frame
c. Learner’s demonstrated ability in the past to produce and / or manage a similar production.
d. Ability to represent the school’s ideals (ingenuity, innovation, questioning long held assumptions, and social consciousness).


6. Final productions must be as faithful to the original script / proposal as possible.


7. Proposals should indicate all production team members and their roles. Production Teams must comprise a minimum of 50% SBCS students (past and / or present).


8. SBCS’ equipment can be used by students who have paid their equipment caution fee.


9. SBCS’ Centre for Media Studies must be listed in the credits at the end of the production as follows:

Sponsored in part by:
SBCS’ Centre for Media Studies
46-50 Picton Street
Port of Spain


10. SBCS will retain no copyright ownership of the production.


11. SBCS will be allowed to showcase the final production during any of our marketing initiatives.


12. Students will be solely entitled to all prize earnings from the TnT Film Festival.


13. Participating students must read the TnT Film Festival rules at


14. Sponsorship is based on the assumption and understanding that the productions must be completed and submitted to the TnT Film Festival organizers by their deadline date in May 2015 (date to be announced).


15. If, for any reason, the winner cannot produce or submit their film to the TnT Film Festival by the deadline, the full
sponsorship of $10,000.00 must be reimbursed to SBCS.


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