SBCS Divali Celebration 2012

Published: 12:00 AM on November 23, 2012

Over 100 students and staff attended SBCS’ Divali Celebration held at our Champs Fleurs Campus on Wednesday, November 7, 2012. This festive event was coordinated by Mr. Dillon Gosien, an ACCA Student, and his committee of hard working students and truly showcased the talents of SBCS students and staff. Before the formal proceedings began, the Pasea Youngsters Tassa Group treated the attendees to a drumming spectacle that was well received; some reservedly tapped their feet while others openly danced to the rhythms of the drums.


Mr. Gosien partnered with Ms. Sangeeta Maharaj as Masters of Ceremonies at Champs Fleurs Campus and guided those in attendance through the two (2) hour event. Before the entertainment began the attendees were addressed by the Executive Director Dr. Robin Maraj. In his speech he reminded guests of the significance of Divali stating that “goodness will always overcome darkness”.


After the address, Bhajans and other traditional songs were sung, by two of our FIA students Reehanna Gopaul and Sushmita Hayban. These were then followed by an unforgettable dance recital from ABE student Neela Jaglal.


Accompanied by fanfare and spurred on by the audience, an excited group of both students and staff were given the opportunity to showcase their exquisite traditional Indian wear, during which Gopaul and Hayban combined their talents to produce an enjoyable singing duet. The programme was brought to a close with a performance by guest artiste Aykeel Ali, after which attendees were treated to traditional Divali sweets.

While both students and staff showed off their traditional wear, the SBCS library showed its creative decorating skills, with a small Divali 2012 display at the Champs Fleurs Campus.


San Fernando Campus, not to be out done produced a short, but equally enjoyable programme. Master of Ceremonies, staff member Randall Mohan, proved to be quite entertaining and the acts shared by the students helped to present a Divali Programme with meaning. There was an opening reading which outlined the meaning of Divali and why it is celebrated. A student Allan Samsundar read a poem which was greatly appreciated by all in attendance, as evidenced by the loud applause which followed. There was a short modeling segment in which both student and staff participated, as the purpose of this year’s event was to promote goodwill and team work amongst staff and students.


The Divali Committee extends its thanks to the Executive Director, Student Services, the Student Council and to all others who lent their support to make these events memorable.


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