SBCS does IT again!

Published: 1:11 AM on October 25, 2016

University of London (UOL) Computing students gain top marks at May/June 2016 Examination sitting

For the third instance this year, SBCS students have attained global recognition for their academic prowess. Learners in our UOL (Goldsmiths College) BSc. (Hons) Computing & Information Systems programme received commendation letters from the University, for their exemplary examination results. Kirsten Ali achieved the highest mark globally (score: 91) for the Mathematics for Business paper, while Luke Rambally (score: 93) accomplished similar feat for the Data Compression subject.

While we celebrate the success of the students, we also acknowledge the guidance and instruction delivered by the lecturers that contributed to these accomplishments. In this regard, kudos to Messieurs Shiraz Omar (Mathematics for Business) and Vincent Ramdhanie (Data Compression) for the quality delivery of their courses. Thanks as well to the course administrators for their sound management of the teaching and learning environment that facilitated these achievements.

Congratulations again to Kirsten and Luke; we wish them continued success as they progress through their studies.

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