SBCS’ first Calypso Competition

Published: 12:00 AM on March 02, 2012

On Friday, February 17, 2012 (Carnival Friday) SBCS’ Student Services Department hosted its inaugural Calypso Karaoke Competition, at the Champs Fleurs campus. Ms. Althea Boucaud, Senior Student Services Administrator was the Master of Ceremonies for the competition, which was held exclusively for the students of SBCS.


Contestants competed for the grand prize of $1,000, and were judged on their performances over two (2) segments; the first segment being a performance of a calypso of choice, the second being a rendition of a randomly selected composition. Some of the calypsoes on offer were “Education” (The Mighty Sparrow),” The Bass Man” (Shadow), “Lorraine” (Explainer), “Jahaji Bhai” (Brother Marvin), “Calypso Music ” (David Rudder), “Nah Leaving” (Denyse Plummer) and many more.


The judges for the evening were Patrice Belfon (Senior Academic Administrator), Lystra Singh (Exam Coordinator, Central Academic Scheduling and Operations), Jonté Burke (University of London Diploma Computing and Information Systems student) and Jason Lakhansingh (ABE Business Management Diploma – Level 4 student).


Eight (8) contestants took part in the competition; five (5) solo acts and three (3) group entries.
Listed in order of performance:

1. Kyle Preudhomme (City & Guilds EEET Certificate)
2. Chauxmus Forde (ABE Business Management Diploma – Level 4)
3. Kavish Khalawan (Trincity campus ABE Business Management Diploma – Level 4)
4. Aykeel Ali & Adesh Deosaran (City & Guilds EEET Certificate)
5. Keston Melville & Edson Murphy (ABE Business Management Diploma – Level 4)
6. Jonathan Rajpaul (ABE Business Management Diploma – Level 4)
7. Tiffany Choon (ACCA Level 2)
8. Shannon Lubin, Levi Lutchman & Christopher Lazar (ABE Business Management Diploma – Level 5)


The performances were entertaining, energetic and humorous as the participants gave their own flair to the renditions of somewhat vintage selections, much to the delight of the patrons, who vociferously supported the participants throughout the contest.


In the words of Albert Einstein “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”, and Tiffany Choon, the lone female participant, emerged with top honours on the evening, copping the coveted 1st place position and $1,000 with her performances to Ella Andall’s “Bring Down the Power” and Singing Sandra’s “Voices From the Ghetto Crying”.


The duo of Aykeel Ali & Adesh Deosaran won 2nd place and $750, with their performances to Ras Short I’s “Watch Out my Children” and Brother Marvin’s “Jahaji Bhai”.


Kyle Pruedhomme rounded out the top three with his performances to David Rudder & Karl Jacobs’ “Trini to the Bone” and David Rudder’s “Calypso Music”, which earned him $500.


All participants received consolation prizes, which included an SBCS draw-string bag and stationery.


The Students Services Department thanks the Management, staff and students of SBCS who helped to make this event a memorable one, and looks forward to hosting an even better event next year.


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