SBCS Gold Sponsor of the SANCITY GREEN EXPO 2011(May12-15th)

Published: 12:00 AM on May 17, 2011

SBCS participated as a Gold Sponsor in the SANCITY GREEN EXPO 2011 – “ The Environment Is You” at SKINNER PARK, SAN FERNANDO from MAY 12-15TH 2011.This Expo was organized by the San Fernando City Corporation. This Event allowed us the opportunity to-
1. Be part of the Green Revolution,
2. Support the City of San Fernando.
The Expo was promoted as part of a larger effort in the campaign of “Keeping San Fernando and its Environs Clean and Healthy”. The Corporation has as part of its plans, “proposals for solar lighting, city recycling, green buildings, energy efficiency strategies and the deployment of litter wardens.”
SBCS created a forest of adventure with entertaining games which encouraged the public to recycle and take the necessary steps to save the environment.
We were proud to be  part of such a fun, enlightening and educational event as we continue in our  effort to transform Trinidad and Tobago’s human resource into the region’s most valuable natural resource.

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