SBCS Graduation 2009 – A resounding success

Published: 12:00 AM on May 01, 2009

Over 300 graduands attend ceremony.

SBCS held its annual Graduation ceremony on Saturday April 18th 2009 in the Sepp Blatter Hall, Centre of Excellence, Macoya Road, Tunapuna. Over 300 Graduands attended the ceremony, making it the first time that over 300 Graduands attended our Graduation. The attendance reflected a 38 % increase in persons attending the function over those attending in 2008.

Perhaps even more significantly, in terms of persons eligible to graduate the increase was more in the order of 51 % moving from 357 in 2008 to 540 in 2009.

A breakdown of persons attending and/or eligible by University is provided below




University of London



University of Greenwich



University of Sunderland



University of Leicester



Heriot Watt University



University officials from our partner Universities were on hand to offer congratulations to those Graduates in attendance. Officials in attendance were:

Mr Stuart Allan

Principal Lecturer, University of Greenwich

Dr David Brownrigg

Course Director, Goldsmiths College University of London

Professor Nigel Spence

Queen Mary, University of London

Professor David Fleming

Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Sunderland

Ms Vivian Kinnard

Associate Dean of Resources, University of Sunderland, Sunderland Business School

Mr Roger Dickinson

Director Distance Learning, University of Leicester

Professor Keith Lumsden

Director, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot Watt University

Mr Alick Kitchin

Business Director, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot Watt Universit

Our valedictorians also addressed the persons present and sought to enlighten everyone with their experiences, as they pursued various programmes at SBCS. They are:



Mr Kwesi Thoulouis

BSc  (Hons)Computing, University of Greenwich

Mr Leo Knights

BSc (Hons)OSHE, University of Greenwich

Ms Rian Nurse

BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Systems, University of London

Mr Brandon Greaves

BSc (Hons) Management , University of London

Mr David Craig Metivier

BA (Hons) Business Management, University of Sunderland

Mr Anthony Rosales

MSc Information Systems Management, University of Greenwich

Mr Ronald Koylass

MSc OSH, University of Greenwich

Mr Anil Goorahoo

MA Mass Communications, University of Leicester

Ms Lyana St Bernard

MBA, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot Watt University

Dr Robin Maraj, Executive Director SBCS addressed the Graduands and exalted them on their achievement and provided some insight on the challenges that lay ahead in the world of work. Dr Elton Bobb, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Science Technology and Tertiary Education represented the Minister and also praised the students for their achievement.

At the end of the formal ceremony, those in attendance were treated to sumptuous cocktails.

We wish to thank all those who in some way contributed to the success of the Graduates and in making the Graduation ceremony one that will always be remembered.


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