SBCS launches new Advisory & Admissions Centres

Published: 12:00 AM on August 14, 2014

New signs and personalised name tags marked the unveiling of the new identity of SBCS’ Customer Service departments, now termed Advisory & Admission Centres (AAC). The rebranding exercise was officially celebrated on Friday, August 8, 2014, with ceremonies being held simultaneously at all campus locations.

The new AACs stand as the physical manifestation of the evolving concept of Customer Service at SBCS; that it is not just about registering prospective students to programmes they want, but offering academic guidance to ensure that they choose the course of study they need to achieve their career and personal goals. Over the past few months we have been training our CSRs to keep their competences and operations aligned to and in pace with the current advisory ideology.

In his message to all staff to commemorate the occasion, Executive Director, Dr Robin Maraj, underscored the importance of this group of personnel to the service quality delivered at SBCS. He noted, “Our Advisory and Admissions officers are at the leading edge of our service delivery chain and they, more than any other group, have the potential to influence the lives of our students, if simply by being our students’ first contact … I see our CSRs as more than CSRs; I see them as Advisors and Admissions officers who have the opportunity to deliver an excellent career guidance and registration service to our customers, a service that customers will praise even if they did not enroll with SBCS.”

He went on further, to encourage the freshly-minted Advisory and Admissions officers to uphold the tenets of assertive friendliness and being “show ready” in the performance of the enhanced portfolio.

” … for you, this a chance to evolve into something new and exciting, and for SBCS an opportunity to deliver a great service at the very first point of contact to both prospective and returning customers.”

With over 27 years’ experience in delivering quality service and education, SBCS continues to seek ways to enhance the customer experience; this is an important initiative geared towards achieving this goal. We look forward to receiving our customers at any one of our four new, learner centric AACs, where our trained career advisors can explore with them the exciting possibilities at SBCS.

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