SBCS Lecturers return from ACCA UK Conference

Published: 12:00 AM on March 10, 2013

SBCS lecturers Mr. Karmalain Manohar and Ms. Nanda Maharaj returned from the ACCA Global Learning Providers’ Conference, which was held on February 19 – 20, 2013, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nottingham, United Kingdom.


The lecturers described their visit as a successful learning experience, adding that the conference itself was well organised and professionally executed from start to finish.  They went on to state that some of the other delegates even described it as the best of all conferences that ACCA has held so far!


Our lecturers met directly with the examiners and from the interactions had, were able to gain invaluable knowledge from them.


The conference was used as a forum for announcing forthcoming changes to ACCA’s examination programme.  Some changes include:

  • the exam structure, in the progress towards more exams being done computer based (starting with paper F4 targeted for September 2014), and increasing the number of exam sittings from two (2) per year to four (4) per year for paper based exams. 
  • a technical change for the Tax papers which includes moving the publication time period for which the Tax study materials are relevant, i.e. the exam year, from the current January – December format to a period coinciding with the actual enactment of the budget changes i.e. the Finance Act.


Further details on these and other amendments to the programme would be available on ACCA’s Teach Accounting Magazine, The Student Accountant Magazine, and ACCA’s website.


Mr. Manohar and Ms. Maharaj benefitted immensely from this conference and the information obtained from their experience will be shared with the rest of our Accounting Lecturing Team, ultimately for the benefit of all our students.


This is yet another reason why SBCS continues to be a great place to teach and learn!

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