SBCS San Fernando Christmas Concert

Published: 12:00 AM on January 07, 2014

SBCS’ San Fernando Student Council hosted its first Christmas concert titled, ‘Spirit of Christmas’ on Thursday, November 28th, 2013. The concert kicked off with the opening remarks by the Vice President, Leandre Holder, and an opening prayer by Arianna Williams, the Treasurer.


A jovial atmosphere was created through performances of poetry, song, dance as well as saxophone, keyboard and guitar music. Students were also treated to an assortment of Christmas sweets and finger foods.


Guest performances by spoken word artist, Omavi Langevine and New Edition dance group, added an eclectic vibe to the concert. Also participating were members of staff and students, who not only entertained the audience but also had the crowd laughing and singing along.


Congratulations to all council members who successfully brought the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ to life, which left all attendees in a festive mood. The concert ended with the vote of thanks by Jaimey Alleyne, the Sports Representative, and the Social Events Co-ordinator Hyron Williams.


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