SBCS visited by University of London External System

Published: 12:00 AM on July 01, 2009

Two representatives from the University of London meet with SBCS

The University of London’s External System has been in operation for over one hundred and fifty (150) years. SBCS has been offering programmes with the External System since 1987. Over the years, the portfolio of programmes has grown and the relationship with the University has become more personal.
SBCS Champs Fleurs, June 26th, 2009. Professor Jonathan Kydd, Dean of the University of London External System, visited SBCS’ Champs Fleurs campus to discuss the new policy framework that will govern the relationship between the two institutions. 
He is pictured here with the Executive Director, Dr. Robin Maraj.
SBCS Champs Fleurs, June 25th, 2009. Dr. Bill Ryan, Director, Distance Learning Undergraduate Programme, Royal Holloway – University of London, conducted a session with SBCS’ lecturers and administrators at the Champs Fleurs campus.  Royal Holloway is the latest University of London college offering degree programmes in association with SBCS, namely a BSc.(Honours) in Business Administration with the choice of specialisms including Marketing, Human Resource Management and International Business.


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