SBCS welcomes new students

Published: 12:00 AM on October 14, 2014

During the week of September 22nd – 27th, students of the Champs Fleurs, San Fernando and Trincity campuses were treated, in SBCS style, to activities for Welcome Week (Champs Fleurs campus) and Welcome Day (Trincity and San Fernando campuses).

The highlights of the week were:
•    At each campus, students were given the opportunity to meet with corporate Trinidad and Tobago to get information on career opportunities within organizations.

•    Independent Consultant and Visionary, Peter Gales, captivated students in his session on Motivation, which was further expounded on by lecturers Alvin Rojas, Derek Haqq and Warren Le Platte.

•    The Champs Fleurs Student Council, headed by Amanda Joyeau, engaged the students at Champs Fleurs and Trincity in fun activities which included gaming, musical chairs and a highly spirited and engaging Treasure Hunt. 

•    Our annual Karaoke competition, which featured soulful presentations by the participants and provided much entertainment for the audience.


At Welcome Day, San Fernando, the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) provided a very informative session on Disaster Preparedness. Three SBCS Lecturers also took the stage – Burt Gransaull and Karmalain Manohar motivated and enlightened students about the possibilities and potential for achievement.  This was followed by Nikki Pariag conducting the ‘Fashion Police’ segment with a pictorial presentation illustrating the “do’s and don’ts” of dress/attire. This informative yet fun day also showcased the students’ talents as they engaged in song and dance in our “ice-breakers” activities.

Student Services and the Student Council look forward to the remainder of 2014 with our students, as many activities are still to come. We wish all SBCS students a most memorable and rewarding experience with us.

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