The Many Moods of Media – BA (Hons) Media projects displayed at NALIS

Published: 4:15 PM on March 23, 2017

The BA (Hons) Media and Communications (UOG) April 2016 cohort displayed their final projects on Saturday, March 4, 2017, at NALIS Port of Spain. The students worked over the past 11 months from the starting point of idea generation followed by researched study to execution. The main learning output of this Advanced Project unit is the creation of a distinctive end product for presentation and the students did just that! Engaging and well-executed projects ranged from documentaries and photographic installations to audio and websites. The Centre for Media Studies congratulates the students on a job well done!

CLICK HERE for highlights from the event, while below are the overviews of the projects displayed:

Project Title: A Thousand Hidden Words

Student: Anniesha Alexander

Tel: 1.868.725.0461




A Thousand Hidden Words is a photographic installation that seeks to bridge the gap between selective photographic representation and the concealed concerns that subjects may feel about their physical appearance. With the use of observational photography to eliminate selective focus, this project aims at communicating four participants’ insecurities through a transitioning photographic process that can otherwise be overlooked in one selective portrait.

The installation intends to bring attention to the misleading nature of photographic representation to empower anyone to confront their own insecurities when being photographed as a movement toward self-acceptance. The installation encourages viewers to also share their stories.

Project Title: Sounds Like Us

Student: Leja Angelove

Tel: 1.868.732.6699



“Sounds Like Us” is a musical album that aims to contribute to the medium of sound by challenging the barriers between artist and audience. A compilation of four (4) original songs containing sounds associated with Trinidad and Tobago chosen by the public, this project seeks to assert the value of audience participation in the creative process of music and acts as a catalyst for escape, a source of inspiration, as well as a potential soundtrack for film and video games.

Project Title: Twisted Tales of Trinbagonian Folklore

Student: Xavier Barzey

Tel: 1.868.722-7599 or 223.6095



The Twisted Tales of Trinbagonian Folklore, are a modified collection of fun short stories created to teach the younger generation about the significance of folklore in Trinidad and Tobago’s culture.

The stories are constructed, to encourage the readers to embrace our folklore as part of our cultural identity. It intends to carry on the tradition by creating relatable, modern and rich content in hopes that the younger generation would appreciate and value these folktales and in turn, help preserve it for many generations to come.

Project Title: Interracial Love

Student: Renee Dass Cheewah

Tel: 1.868.714.1346 or 786.6062



An interracial relationship is when two people from different races/ethnicities enter into a relationship. While Race refers to a person’s physical characteristics, Ethnicity, refers to cultural factors, including nationality, regional culture, ancestry, and language. Despite the increased visibility, race and ethnicity can become very complicated depending on who is defining whom and why. Interracial relationships shouldn’t be taboo but people who date outside their race/ethnicity can sometimes be ostracized as certain cultures believe their race should only marry within that same race. This project intends to show that interracial relationships are beautiful and should be accepted by all of the society.

Project Title: Our World Our Story

Student: Charisse Contant

Tel: 1.868.785.6242




The deepest parts of Trinidad and Tobago can be found on the streets. Our World Our Story is a project that explores Trinidad and Tobago mainly through street photography. Its aim is to document everyday life in Trinidad and Tobago with the hope of bringing about change.

Trinidad & Tobago’s society is perceived as fun, carefree and laid back; however, there are deeper issues to explore in society. Through street photography, the issues of homelessness, abandonment, and dilapidation will be unearthed, juxtaposed against the beauty of scenic beaches, grandiose architecture, street food and the beautiful people therein.

Project Title: A Reflection of Self

Student: Tramaine Daly

Tel: 1.868.708.8909



The idea that photography, as a medium of expression, allows one to gain insight into the personality and perspective of the photographer, served as the inspiration for this project. Each poem was composed, not with the picture in mind, but the photographer. The intention was to capture the essence of their personalities and mind frame at the time of shot selection. Anyone with an interest in poetry, photography or is drawn to looking beyond the surface, will have an appreciation for this project.

Project Title: YouFit

Student: Denielle Daniel

Tel: 1.868.473.3184


YouFit Campaign is a multiplatform Marketing project that employs film and photography to highlight the social component of fitness activities. Its content focuses on telling the stories of persons who have started various fitness programs from the barrage of options available to share difficulties they encountered committing to a specific type of routine. The goal of this project is to prove that there is an ideal Fit in the fitness world that is determined by your personality. The anticipated impact is to encourage and assist people in finding their ideal FIT, resulting in healthier communities in Trinidad and Tobago.

Project Title: Developing a Hybrid

Student: Ramon Granderson

Tel: 1.868.367.6415



Since 2001, the Animation sector of Trinidad and Tobago introduced Animae Caribe to its platform to increase awareness in the Caribbean. Although the narrative contains unlimited information about the development and struggles of the young creative sector, it is difficult to predict the future of the pioneers, animators, managers, lecturers and students. By exploring Bill Nichols’s theory of six principal modes of documentary filmmaking, this film aims to successfully merge all modes into one and aspires to create a seventh principal mode or develop a documentary hybrid.

Project Title: DocUKnowNow – Powder

Student: Sherell Maxwell

Tel: 1.868.742.4287



Powder is a documentary, which features insight behind the trend of wearing powder on the neck and chest in Trinidad. With its history dating back generations and its

origination some say pointing as far as slavery days, this production tells the story of a reformed and current powder wearer. Its purpose seeks to bring awareness and answer the question that many do not venture to ask in Trinidad. “Why do you wear powder on your neck?!”…The answer… is as simple as it gets.

Project Title: Dancing on Tables

Student: Carolyn Villafana

Tel: 1.868.749.4455



Dancing on Tables is an audio compilation of original songs which uses Calypso music to teach the Mathematics multiplication times tables. It seeks to use the social and cultural connotations of Calypso to introduce and teach the 2, 3, 4, and 5 times. The album uses the concept of peer learning as the background vocals are the voices of children. Live pan music was used for authenticity and to create the ambiance that is Calypso music.

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